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I am thoroughly committed to loving and leading the people of Jerusalem Church alongside the other elders. I long to see our people rejoice in Jesus as beheld in the Word and sacraments. I long for them to delight in the love of fellow believers. 
Pastor Jonathan Shirk

Thank you so much for visiting our website. God is at work in our church and we are grateful and excited to see where He will lead us in the coming years. Together, by God's grace and Spirit, we are working hard to follow and obey Jesus and always seeking to better align ourselves with God's Word. We are committed to becoming a more focused, faithful, and fruitful local church. We see the Holy Spirit graciously working to revitalize our fellowship and to produce greater spiritual health in us. 


Our church is focused on Jesus Christ and how we can best pursue our greatest happiness in him. He is our Senior Pastor and he is leading us into greater intimacy with God. We would love for you to stop by some Sunday and worship with us to get a better sense of how God's sovereign grace is at work in us. Come and revel in the glory of God with us! 


Grace to you.

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