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One of the things that divides the Church today is baptism. People are often exposed to one particular view of baptism and often don't know much about other views. Many Christians cannot adequately and fairly explain the various views - they only know one.


Also, many people change views as they study Scripture more and grow in doctrine. Chances are your experience has been solely believers baptism upon confession of faith, but have you ever seriously considered and investigated the Reformed view of infant baptism?  

"Throughout church history, the practice of infant baptism has been far and away the majority report."


Sproul, R. C. (2011). What Is Baptism? (First edition, Vol. 11, pp. 59–60). Orlando, FL: Reformation Trust.


It is helpful to understand that the Reformed view of infant baptism differs from the Lutheran and Roman Catholic view of infant baptism. In order to best understand the Reformed view, you should have a basic understanding of Reformed Covenant Theology. The first few resources will help you grasp a basic understanding of Reformed Covenant Theology. If you would like to borrow a book from below, please contact Pastor Jonathan.

Our Covenant Keeping God - a sermon series on the basics of Covenant Theology by Jonathan Shirk


Covenants Made Simple - a book on the basics of Covenant Theology by Jonty Rhodes

Sacred Bond - a book on the basics of Covenant Theology by Michael Brown & Zach Keele

What's the Deal with Infant Baptism - a sermon on the basics of infant baptism by Jonathan Shirk

Dr. Bryan Chapell on Infant Baptism - a short video on the basic Biblical case for infant baptism

A Brief Defense of Infant Baptism - an article from Kevin DeYoung

How My Mind Has Changed: A Letter to My Daughter - a letter from Dennis Johnson to his daughter

How I Changed My Mind about Infant Baptism - an article by Liam Goligher

Why I Changed My Mind about Baptizing Infants - an article by Sean Lucas

Why Do We Baptize Infants? - a short book by Bryan Chapell

What Christian Parents Should Know about Infant Baptism - a short book by John Sartelle

What Is Baptism? - a short book by R. C. Sproul

Christian Baptism - a deep and rich book by John Murray

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