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The Missions Team has a clear goal - to go deep with a few missions. We desire to give money, but also time, labor, encouragement, prayer, etc. to each of our missions (missionaries).  


We believe that God desires the Church to make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:18-20). God will reach the nations of the world, and He will use His people. Therefore, we desire to engage in focused, faithful, and fruitful ministry all across the globe. We have organized our focus into four main geographical areas:

LOCAL - Manheim Central & Warwick School Districts

REGIONAL - Lancaster County

NATIONAL - United States

GLOBAL - World 

We are working to support 10 missions in these four areas (3 - local, 3 - regional, 3 - national/global, and 1 missionary family). We believe we can do more kingdom work when we focus on a few missions. 


By the leading of the Holy Spirit we will EXPLORE mission opportunities and EDUCATE and EQUIP the church to ENGAGE a few strategic missions with the aim of leading more people to find their greatest joy and pleasure in Jesus Christ above all things to the glory and worship of God the Father.


EXPLORE – research, identify, and choose missions that align with our church’s mission, core values, and vision.

EDUCATE – ensure that the church is aware of the purpose of missions and the missions we engage.

EQUIP – train the church to have a Biblical view of missions and how to be involved in missions.

ENGAGE – help the church get involved and provide help and support to people deployed on mission.


There are thousands of good missions and missionaries out there. We cannot support them all. Therefore, we must do the hard work of choosing a few to invest in. We want to ensure that our missions align with our church mission, vision, and core values. When choosing and evaluating missions we use five criteria that are important to us:

Proclaims the Gospel

Provides Opportunities for Non-Financial Support/Involvement

Practices Financial Transparency & Good Stewardship

Purposeful in Helping the Local Church Further Its Mission

Preferably Reformed in Doctrine




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