• Jonathan Shirk

Why Are You Starting a Blog?

Great question. There are tons of blogs out there, good ones, and I would commend to you those good blogs. One of my favorites is Dr. R. Scott Clark's heidelblog.net. There are blogs covering a wide array of topics. I'm not sure we really need another blog. I don't even really have much time to blog. So, why am I starting a blog.

It's simple really - to serve the people of Jerusalem Church.

Throughout the year people email me questions. I believe I should give them thoughtful answers, so I take my time, research, think, and write a response. Oftentimes my responses are lengthy. People from Jerusalem Church ask good questions. They have also found my responses helpful.

There is a problem though. Oftentimes those lengthy answers are lost. No one else really reads them. Others might be asking the same or similar questions. So, without sharing names, and with permission, I wonder if I would respond on this blog so others could benefit from my responses. Perhaps this would open up more dialogue, learning, and growth. Additionally, a blog keeps track of my answers so that if people ask the same questions months or years apart, I can save some time and refer them here. Practical right?

I also enjoy writing articles throughout the year for Jerusalem Church and distribute them in what I call the JC Scrolldown. It would be very easy for me to post those articles here for others to read.

So, I don't really want to start something new as my plate is full already, however perhaps this is simply a better way of doing what I'm already doing that will save me time over the long run. We'll see. Thanks for reading.

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