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We're glad you're interested in membership.

Before uniting to a local church, it's important to realize what the church is
and why membership in a local church is essential for believers.

The following video is a message by Dr. Michael Horton. 

It's worth your time. It will help you understand a bit
about how we view membership.

Interested in getting to know us and
perhaps becoming a member? 

We recommend the following:

1.  Spend some time with us. 
Join us for worship (morning/evening), Catechism Class, events, etc. Look around our church building. How can we serve you and answer your questions? Talk to the elders about our church.

2.  Explore what we believe.
It's very important you know what we believe. We are a Reformed church, so we believe in sola scriptura (Scripture alone) and that the ecumenical creeds and Heidelberg Catechism faithfully express what Scripture teaches. Dig into our statement of faith HERE. We'd be glad to give you a FREE copy of the Heidelberg Catechism (just ask Pastor Jonathan)

4. Complete the Membership Class
The first step of the Membership Class is DISCOVER. This is a dinner evening to introduce you to some specifics about our church. The Membership Class is four two-hour sessions over the course of four consecutive weeks. These classes are required for membership. Membership Classes are offered once a year in February. 


The elders would be glad to talk with you.
Feel free to reach out.

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